Saturday, November 21, 2009

Michigan VS. Ohio STATE GAME

Alright, so yes i know i haven't posted in like forever but you know a teenager is always busy so you have to give me a break lol. My mom is harassin me for not bloggin on my blog in like a month but you kno that is how i do.

So Ohio State suxs sorry for all those fans out there but your going to get beat so just thanks me now that your not going to win.

So MICHIGAN STATE FANS are you ready to kick some butt i am this will be one pitiful game if we lose because i just dogged tha Ohio State team .lol.

So i just hope that both teams play there best, no injuries and just try there hardest. I dont know about anyone else but i want to see both teams succeed but you can have only one winner. so just play hard teams!

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