Wednesday, April 29, 2009

allright update

ok so suprise suprise my weekly update lol
i dont have alot of time like my mother does on the computer so i update once a week but i still update and if it gets the job done then i am happy aren't we all.
so i have done alot of projects since the last time i was on
In science i did this hard project that took like 7 hours to do
we had to make a 3-d model of an atom
this was a bummer and it was a lot of work
and what do i get on it i get a C
In history (since i didn't take the big test) i did a report
it was over the olympics
that was great that i got an a on it
Volleyball was a great sucess with our last tourny. we won the whole thing every game and all!
Well i think this is enough to write about
there you go mom i blogged!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Overview of the last 2 weeks

Ok so i posted two weeks ago and my mom is having a fit of u need to post more and more or you won't get any followers then i said o well and then she said this (today) that i was going to delete you if you didn't start to post again! ( isn't that mean) geez mom get a life with the computer (JUST KIDDING) so i am going to post!
Ok so my spring break that was like a week ago was kinda boring fun
Monday i had a friend stay over the house
Tuesday i had volleyball practice
Wednesday i dont think i did anything
Thursday i had volleyball practice
Friday was another chill day i think
Saturday and sunday i spent the day with my aunt and uncle for easter.
Then this week was back to school which it felt more normal than what is for spring break
i went to school and i came home did homework and then did anything that i wanted to do i guess (with-in reason lol) so yeah now today we are having my moms brothers come over and my sister and her boyfriend over for turkey and chill out time.
Sunday is volleyball tourny day we play in findley ohio which is about an hour for us we play all day. sometimes we can play and be home at 9 if we win which really sucks cause we are really tired.
But this is the update (mom comment then) i will post more!