Wednesday, April 29, 2009

allright update

ok so suprise suprise my weekly update lol
i dont have alot of time like my mother does on the computer so i update once a week but i still update and if it gets the job done then i am happy aren't we all.
so i have done alot of projects since the last time i was on
In science i did this hard project that took like 7 hours to do
we had to make a 3-d model of an atom
this was a bummer and it was a lot of work
and what do i get on it i get a C
In history (since i didn't take the big test) i did a report
it was over the olympics
that was great that i got an a on it
Volleyball was a great sucess with our last tourny. we won the whole thing every game and all!
Well i think this is enough to write about
there you go mom i blogged!

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  1. Kristie, the whole idea of blogging is to have FUN with it!, love, mom