Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekends Here

So what am I going to do for this weekend? I think it might be boring a good time but you never know about whats next for the weekend. One moment i might be swimming, the next i might be going to meijers with my mom. Some times it all depends on what mood i am in. It is hard when you have a hillbilly garden and you live so far away. I kinda dont like the country because it is so far away you know what I mean? The closest friend lives like 5 mins. away and i dont understand, how you live so far away from everything. So i am usually swimming and not doing anything else unless my friend comes out and Sometimes it seems like the week goes by fast but sometimes during the summer it Tuesday and i thought it was like Friday it goes by so slow.

Today, I might go to meijers, eat some samples, come home might go swimming, try to have a friend come over so we can swim.

Sunday, I am probly hanging out outside and going to church and hopefully BREAKFAST!

Monday the boring week starts again.

I have been up to nothing really but swimming.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


ok so yes i am a twilight fan who ever could have guessed i dont know so i am sitting on my booty until the night that the NEW MOON comes out and i am so excited how everyone likes the new blog and i dont know please give me some feedback and tell me if you can read it or not or if it just looks good. thanks it is appericated!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Hey this is a test

Cross Count

Hopefully my blog is fixed thanks to Kate Applauses go out to her and hopefully no more problems Kate if you see something else please email my mom and tell her so i can look! But hopefully that ended my problems.