Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekends Here

So what am I going to do for this weekend? I think it might be boring a good time but you never know about whats next for the weekend. One moment i might be swimming, the next i might be going to meijers with my mom. Some times it all depends on what mood i am in. It is hard when you have a hillbilly garden and you live so far away. I kinda dont like the country because it is so far away you know what I mean? The closest friend lives like 5 mins. away and i dont understand, how you live so far away from everything. So i am usually swimming and not doing anything else unless my friend comes out and Sometimes it seems like the week goes by fast but sometimes during the summer it Tuesday and i thought it was like Friday it goes by so slow.

Today, I might go to meijers, eat some samples, come home might go swimming, try to have a friend come over so we can swim.

Sunday, I am probly hanging out outside and going to church and hopefully BREAKFAST!

Monday the boring week starts again.

I have been up to nothing really but swimming.

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