Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a Trip to Meijer's

My mom and I got:
1# of carrots for 80 cents
milk for 2.27
thighs for 5 dollars we got 2 packs of them
noodles (for what my mom is going to me) (SOUP!)
[which is a cheap meal]
pepis 24 pack 2/$10
and cat food for free (with a $4 coupon for Friskies)
This may not be the best shopping trip but you can make many meals with these items!

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  1. Kristie Kay!

    I sent you a welcome note on your other blog and then noticed the post is old and maybe you don't check that one. Oops! Anyway, I won't say it all again here (so you don't get bored - lol) but THANKS! for following! :)