Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yummy Yummy hot sticky bun.....

This I know is a little jazzy for me but this time when i went out with my mom for the day it was a blast. Frist we started off by going to the glasses place because of couruse i can't have any of my glasses nowadays for to long because they break! But when we got to the eye glass place i said Marco, my mom automatcially said Polo and that is what i was thinking about and it was funny.
Next we went to CiCi's pizza for lunch! I have to give the workers credit but if you go there your in for some entertainment! Lemme Tell you Yummy Yummy come and get um hot sticky buns..... is what they would say when they were putting out cinnamin rolls for your delight. I think if you go there for just pizza your wrong you will have fun ever second you are in there and it is only $3.88 right now!
So then we were off the the mall and there is this new place called Teavanna! This plaace is ammmmaaaazzzzzing!
You should visit there site especially if your into TEA!
Even if you are new to tea and just like the tea bags you need to get off of them because they are not good for you, you lose alot of minerals in them.
They even have a perfect tea maker which is so cool take a look at this! TE TM LG
if you dont think this is cool for tea then i dont kno what is, also you can pretty much sample any flavor they have there.!
So today was a really good day with the MOM and stop by her site she loves new people and if your following her she would love to see your bright shining face again!


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